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Getting Started With Hyperledger


I spent much of today getting a feel for what Hyperledger is about. A good place to start is with the first white paper. The high level gist of it is that Hyperledger broke up blockchain into key components/layers. They are:

  1. Consensus Layer
  2. Smart Contract Layer
  3. Communication Layer
  4. Data store abstraction
  5. Crypto abstraction
  6. Identity services
  7. Policy services
  8. APIs
  9. Interoperation

There are various projects within the Hyperledger ecosystem tackling these layers. The quickest way to practically try out Hyperledger is with the Hyperledger Fabric examples where there are scripts within this repo that bootstrap your environment for you. This handles the heavy painful work of setting up the infrastructure and let's you get straight to trying out the different examples.