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Coding to an API


For the current project I am working on up until now we as a team worked on this as a mob. We have reached the point where we feel we can break apart the mob and work on the left over pieces in parallel.

There are a bunch of front end and back end tasks that need to be done. In order to minimize the impact the front end and back end work can have on each other the last thing we did as a mob is decide what the API looks like in terms of the REST operations. We then made the REST endpoint return a stubbed response which has allowed both the front and back end to be completed at their own pace. The idea is that as soon as the back end is complete for an operation its stub is replaced with the real implementation. As the front end is being coded against the stub no additional work will be needed for it to communicate with the real end point.

Using this approach we have so far been able to effectively work on the front end and back end at the same time with minimal conflicts to each other's work.