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How To Use Twilio Studio with WhatsApp


I recently spoke about how easy it was to use Twilio studio to set up a basic SMS flow.

Today I had to do a similar setup for a WhatsApp flow. There were no articles on how to do this online. After a bit of digging and looking more carefully at each component in the flow, I realized I could take my original SMS flow and tweak one value to get it to work. In Twilio SMS and WhatsApp are grouped under the same messaging API. The only value that needs to be tweaked is changing your WhatsApp sandbox WHEN A MESSAGE COMES IN as below.

The full steps are:

  • Create a new Studio Flow
  • In the trigger section copy the WEBHOOK URL value
  • Go to your WhatsApp configuration and set the WHEN A MESSAGE COMES IN value to the URL you copied in the previous step
    • If you are using your WhatsApp setup for something else, changing this URL will break that

I tested this against the WhatsApp Sandbox, but the principle should be the same for the non-sandbox setup.

After doing the above you should be able to use all the messaging widgets to send, receive and await replies. I have not tested the call portion, this may also work using this setup.