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An Approach to TODO Lists in Markdown Files


I generally use OrgMode to manage TODOs I have. The only problem with this approach is that Github does not have the best support for OrgMode.

But Github does have very good support for markdown. In my search to find an approaching for dealing with TODOs using markdown -at the project level- I came across this post.

This post is more how you use task lists in Github issues but this is still exactly what I was looking for in old school markdown. To create a TODO list simply define it as below:

# Tasks I Need to Do

- [ ] Remeber the groceries
  - [ ] Milk
  - [x] Bread

In the above tasks Bread has been marked as down while the others are still open.

Things to watch out for when defining lists like this remember:

  • The space between the - and the first square bracket [ i.e. - [ instead of -[
  • The space after the closing square bracket ] instead of ]
  • The space between incomplete tasks so [ ] instead of []