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Using What is Already in the Redux Store


On a project I have been working on recently Redux is being used to manage shared state. One advantage of this is that if you need to add a new feature that relies on a varient of data that is already in the store you can avoid additional server calls and also avoid additional backend work (to expose that new data).

For example say I had a requirement to get all users above the age of 18. But I already have an existing call to the server to get all users which are stored in a variable called allUsers. This means for my new requirement I can add an action that takes the existing allUsers value from the store, filter out users above 18 const olderUsers = allUsers.filter(user => user.age >= 18) and simply assign that new variable olderUsers to my event store and voila I am done. No new REST endpoint is needed and no additional server call is needed.