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Bootstrapping a UI with ReactJS


I have played with React in the past and use it on my personal projects. But in those instances I setup the React portion myself.

On the project I am currently working on (at work) we needed to put together a quick and simple UI. Given the teams general comfort and preference for React we opted for to use it. We used the Create React App CLI to bootstrap the initial app scaffolding. I found the whole process really smooth and we had live reload and babel setup from the start so that we could just get straight to coding. Create React App hides a lot of web pack and other complexity away from you and instead exposes core functionality through scripts you run using npm run scriptName or yarn run scriptName as configured in your package.json file. But if at any point you want more control you can at any stage run the eject command and modify the abstracted things (like webpack config) yourself.

I really appreciate the create react app philosophy as it promotes getting up and running ASAP but if you need more flexibility and control down the line you can also do that.