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Pandoc Ease Of Use


I generally make and keep notes using OrgMode as I find it really fast and easy to jot down and organise notes. The problem is that not everyone wants to read an org mode file. For instance today I wanted to send my notes out to my product owner and I knew that he would appreciate the same notes but as a Word document.

Luckily this was trivial enough using the excellent Pandoc utility. I simply ran the command:

pandoc -s -o SomeTopicIAmResearching.docx

Pandoc epitomises what it means to be an easy command line tool. If there is some other file format that needs to be converted simply ensure it has the correct extension, place it as the -s parameter and you are done. Likewise it is as trivial for the output parameter. Pandoc is feature packed yet it is easy to understand and use.