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JavaScript Defining Classes Using Functions


Newer versions of ECMA support using the class keyword to define a class in JavaScript. But if for some reason you cannot use an implementation that supports this then you can define a class with private and public functions as follows:

function MyAwesomeClass(someDep1, someDep2) {
    this.someDep1 = someDep1;
    this.someDep2 = someDep2;

    // this is a public function
        // do your thing here
        // ...

    // this is private, it can be used by public functions
    function somePrivateFunction() {


export default MyAwesomeClass;

To use this in another file simply import it then:

import MyAwesomeClass from './path/to/file/MyAwesomeClass';
const myAwesomeClass = new MyAwesomeClass(dep1, dep2);