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Geth Attach Istanbul Not Working on Remote


Today I tried to use geth to connect to an Ethereum node: geth attach http://gethNodeHostOrIp:rpcPort. This connected me successfully but the JSRE REPL environment did not have anything defined when I tried to run the istanbul module despite the fact that the REPL indicated that this module was successfully loaded. When trying to run the istanbul module in the REPL I received the following error:

ReferenceError: 'istanbul' is not defined at <anonymous>:1:1

I logged onto the machine where the node was running and attached to localhost geth attach http://localhost:8757 and was able to run commands in the istanbul module off of there.

I thought this may be an issue with how the node was configured so I used the istanbul command on my local machine to create a docker compose setup on a Quorum chain: istanbul setup --num 4 --docker-compose --quorum --save. This also exhibited the exact same behaviour as my setup (on the node itself I have access to the istanbul module in the REPL when attaching but not when attaching remotely). The strange thing is other modules in all cases work when attaching locally.